These are the 7 habits of highly effective educators. Do you have them all?

  1. Never say never!: Highly effective educators always look for opportunities to grow and develop thinking. They don’t block innovative thinking by saying, No!
  2. Always curious: Highly effective educators know that the best question you can have on the tip of our tongue is: Tell me more about? It will NEVER fail you – never!
  3. Personify gratefulness: Highly effective educators always look for every opportunity to be grateful, share gratefulness, model gratefulness and inspire others to be grateful. It fundamentally changes who you are right down to the chemicals in your brain to the actions of your hands and feet.
  4. Forever transparent: Highly effective educators always share with their colleagues/peers about what’s going on. If a focus or goal changes they tell someone because what they bring to the table matters. Transparency also makes ‘office politics’ very difficult to sustain. Clear goals and communication always sets you free.
  5. Be the best version of them self: Highly effective educators are always on the cutting edge of self and professional development. They very rarely drop the ball, lag behind in adapting to change or use redundant methods of teaching and learning. Their mantra is: not on the cutting edge? Then taking up too much room.
  6. Lead with humility: Highly effective educators always serve the community with humility. From this position and perspective everything has potential to move from good to great – for everyone, every day!
  7. Driven by their ‘first love’: Highly effective educators know the passion generated by their ‘first love’; seeing children reach their full potential. This inspiration drives great choices, resets perceptions and ignites new passions of change. Every time a educator reconnects with this first love, they begin to burn again with advocacy for the people they work with – every time.


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