Today’s blog is the fifth in our I’m Being Challenged By My Child series and we are going to be learning how to seek out the extra in the ordinary so we can capture the extraordinary.

How often do you stop and really appreciate the extraordinary nature of your life and all that is happening around you? The slow breathing of a sleeping baby, the smell of cut grass or the warmth of another person’s hand in yours. I think the main reason behind not doing this is the fact that we over fill every day with ‘things’. Most of these things are optional and yet we act like they aren’t and end up stressed and always seemingly in a crazy rush.

This blog is to remind us that children (we do too) need to be either shown how to take the time to pause and capture the extra in their lives or how to really treasure the wonderful things they remind us of each and every day. It is essential that we are participating in these everyday. It’s similar to hitting the ‘like’ button on your friend’s Facebook photo or status update. It is only a small gesture, but it sends a remarkable message. If you don’t hit the ‘like’ button though no one knows that you took that moment to appreciate it.

Here are few examples for you to jump into to hit the ‘like’ button of life:

  • Remember when being under a table was awesome? Get under there and find out why it’s still a great place to be!
  • Recreate that childhood blanket cubby, hide in there and tell funny stories.
  • When something funny turns up, don’t stop the laughing till it naturally pitters out. Then hug each other once it is done. This creates a very powerful bond.
  • Actually stop and smell the flowers, look at the colours, the shape of the petals, what mini animals love them as much as you do.
  • When you notice a beautiful sunset, hold your child tight, tell them why the sunset is beautiful and liken each feature of its beauty to your child.
  • When there is a success to be celebrated, stop and think about how it came about, notice the feelings you are experiencing, talk about how you are going to tell someone else about it to celebrate a bit more and chat about how different you feel and think as a result of the success.
  • If you hear your favourite song, sing it out load, dance together, spin around or hold each other close. Talk about why it is your favourite song, share what you think about and what you feel when you hear it.
  • Eat something together everyday, making sure that you speak about opportunities gained or lost. Be curios about what could be the differential next time.
  • As you find that comfy spot just before bedtime, find five things which you both can be thankful for. The key here is the common thankfulness as it makes deep connections about the everyday. You could even then think of the three small things you are going to do the next day to make another family feel totally fantastic.

The extra is always there… we just need to be looking for it. By sharing these daily experiences perspectives change and we are set up to capture the extra in everyday. What are you going to do to capture the extra in your child’s life today?

The great news is,  if you practice daily it soon becomes an extraordinary habit and life can no longer be just ordinary.