Ever felt like your head was going to explode with all the ideas buzzing around in you head at top speed? Or that there are so many things that need to be done? It is a maddening feeling isn’t it? I am not a greatest athlete either so trying to catch these buzzing ideas or run after the crazy number of agendas often seemed rather hopeless to me.

I have found one tool, however, that changed all this for me. The result was the difference between having a mind that is full of ideas to that of  being mindful of all the ideas. Trust me, the later is an absolute gift.

I have practiced with this tool a lot lately and the results have been fantastic. No longer does time or task terrorise me. (It is important to note though, my days are still full and the email is still consistently pinging away).

So how did the change come about? It is all in the approach. I now don’t chase those buzzing ideas or agendas with arms outstretched waving madly. My approach is use to a powerful creative and critical thinking tool I call, combinatory mapping. Some may liken it to mind mapping, but this tool takes thinking 2 to 3 levels deeper to work at the core relationships between elements and ideas. Consequently, this tool captures the myriad of ideas like a net, notes the strength of connections and the highlights the opportunities of surprise as a result of these relationships.

As I worked with my completed map I purposefully stepped-out an action plan for change. This process freed me from the tyranny of a mind full and allowed me to be mindful in thought and word and action. No longer am I scrambling for time as I now attend to what will make the most strategic difference for people and tasks. I am responding with a focused mindset for the change I want to see.

Being mindful changes what you think about to what you do. It’s hard work in the initial stages because it’s all about changing habits. Finding the right thinking tool can take a bit of time too. But believe me it’s worth the unrelenting search to find it because with every deep breath and every loud exhale the change you want and need embeds itself and you are so much better for it.


Let me know how you go! I know you will love the mindfulness you find within yourself.