It is always good to be ready when that learning opportunity surprises us unexpectedly. Sometimes it’s in the car, on the beach, in the bath or walking down the aisle while food shopping. Here are a few ‘ready-to-go’ tips to help you make the most of every  learning opportunity that comes your way.

1. When faced with, “Mum can you do this for me!?”, try changing your approach to one of being curios e.g. ‘Great question, what ideas do you have already?’

2. Find everything interesting and dismiss nothing as standard! It maybe normal to you, but your little one is in the ‘this is my first time’ stage of life and we need to make it powerful for them. Join in their wonderment of their experience rather than dismiss it.

3. Look for opportunities to be curious. Ask, when time permits, ‘Tell me more about that?’, ‘Wow, how did you do that?’, ‘I’m really interested in what you know about that, where did your ideas come from?’, ‘Where else can we use that great idea?’, ‘How else can we think about that idea?’

4. Remind yourself it is all about personhood and not childhood. It is about seeing present potential and not someone as under construction. This perspective changes how we respond and what choices we make with everyone in the family.

5.  Look for the extra in the ordinary to capture the extraordinary. Remember when being under a table was awesome? Get under there with your explorer and find out why it’s still a great place to be! Sharing these experiences changes life perspectives.

6. Do not be terrorized by time. Remember you are in control (I know sometimes it doesn’t feel like it – but you are) we have no control over the ticking clock, we can’t add in a couple more minutes to the hour. We do, however, have 100% control over ourselves though, so make the choice to find a mountain top, wrap your arms around those you love and celebrate each other. The other ‘important things’ can wait – they always do.