Have you ever looked forward to a holiday or a long weekend and thought about all the great things you could do during it? But in the lead up to did nothing about locking any of those fun things in? I know I have, and the opportunity just wasted away and I did nothing. To really get the most out of these and other opportunities in life we have to set goals and map out how to get the most out each experience. It’s all about being proactive and not missing out. We simply cannot let life happen to us… we have to be the ones who make the difference and goals can helps do just that.

When we set goals and map out how we are going to achieve each one we start on a very exciting journey of change. Here at Thinkers.inq we set all sorts of goals every day and change buzzes around us all the time. It creates electric energy and expectations of the many wonderful things we know are about to happen. One example of a daily goal we set for ourselves is to answer the question: how were we changed? This question can only be answered with measurable evidence and as a consequence we are always looking for the opportunity to grow ourselves, facilitate growth in others and be central in community growth. Every conversation, each observation and all interactions are therefore filled with a purpose for change.

We also set goals around learning and agency development. We set these goals with children, parents and teachers to ensure they are right on target for each individual. As a result we look, think and explore learning and agency through a unique lens. We are no longer simply focused on general wellbeing for all, but we also have a specific and developmentally appropriate goal for every learner. These goals range from becoming a great leader to being able to independently put on shoes, developing reciprocal relationships through to learning how to enter learning experiences where others are deeply engaged.

To help you get started on this goal setting journey I suggest using SMART goals. It is a great, simple to use, tool which can transform the outcome. To make your goal S.M.A.R.T., it needs to follow the following principles. Each one much be: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely. To learn more about setting SMART goals follow this link. It is also important to remember that when setting your goals to frame them positively. For example, it is far better to create the goal of modifying your chocolate intake than having the goal of not eating it at all.

The last, and best part of achieving your goals is getting excited about and celebrating your successes. Share your capacity building with those people who matter to you. They will be inspired by your new achievements and be proud of all that you are becoming…and who knows, they might start setting some great goals too.


So in summary:

  • Be the change you want to see, don’t leave it to others
  • Use positively framed SMART goals to make the difference
  • Share your success with those who love you