I was inspired today by Thinkers.inq co-founder Melissa Browne and her article in the Sydney Morning Herald. She got me thinking about how we can finish the year well. You can check the article out yourself here: http://www.smh.com.au/money/planning/celebrate-too-soon-and-youll-blow-it-20141207-121d15.html

Christmas time can become a frantic period in our lives. We can even lose relationships during the lead up to this one busy day. But is it worth the loss of family and friends because of a short lived whirlwind?

I am always hearing my friends say to me how there is just never enough time to go to all the functions or events that we seemingly ‘need’ to be attend. We also have to find time to shop for gifts, wrap them and then battle the crowds at the supermarkets for food. In all this hustle and bustle we then add into the mix ‘end of year exhaustion’ from our busy work and family lives.

So it is particularly important that we take the time, perhaps over a wine or a coffee, to identify those things we must do verses those we would like to do and then measure these in the light of what our family really needs.

My recommendation is to not be bothered with other people’s perceived pressures and take the time to get the mix of family verse activities just right for you. I have done this over the past two years. Firstly, I have found out how my family are tracking; asking how healthy and strong are they and what is the quality of our relationships. Then I look over the tasks and events of the Chrissy season and make my choice from there. It has brought a wonderful balance to an otherwise rushed time of year. It means our perspective is one that supports us as a family and not based on what others want from us.

Strong relationships matter the most at this time of year. It’s a time when taking stock of the year can make a big difference for the next one. To do this well means we need strong and deep connections. I can assure you that as you purposefully maintain happy and healthy relationships everything else will have the right environment to become great. And at this time of year the rest of your holiday season will rock.

As Melissa summaries in her article, lets be sure to finish well because the finish line is where we actually win the race and gain the joy of success.