Talk about delicious! Here at Thinkers.inq we have been enjoying sensational whole food everyday and at every meal. All this goodness is a result of an outstanding and inspiring collaboration between Thinkers.inq, Alexx Stewart of Alexx Stewart Real Food & Low Tox Living, Kate Johnston of Kore Wellbeing and Kamilla Johns of Kamilla Johns Real Food. This collaboration has brought together some of the most exciting and innovative thinkers around great food, great health and full satisfied tummies of growing little ones.

For us here at Thinkers.inq the goodness begins at breakfast time. This is where we serve Kamilla’s organic oat muesli or Cacao Crackle, yoghurt, fruits and/or toast.

As the day progresses and tummy rumble we enjoy fresh fruits and veggies. Sometimes we have wraps full of fresh whole produce such as organic ham, pasture raised beef or poached chicken. We even enjoy slow roasted lamb and organic chicken broth or organic beef and 12 vegetables bolognese. So much goodness!

As the afternoon draws on, gluten free banana breads and muffins, yoghurts, fruits or fresh dips are available for grazing on.

All of these options are to provide the best nourishment possible to support our children’s growth in mind and body.

If you would like to try of these amazing meals then we have an information evening mid March this year where you can learn loads more. Kate, Alexx and Kamilla will be here at Thinkers.inq to share about their passions, their insights and provide a tasting of some of this fabulous food. Sign up to the website news letter and we will keep you posted.

The other great piece of news we have to share with Thinkers.inq families is that if you really love the food offered here you can order it online with Kamilla each week and collect your delivery when you collect little one. Now, that is an awesome idea!


My advice is that you check out the links above and fall in love with great wisdom, great food and join us at Thinkers.inq.