The first few days of Kindergarten are underway. These days are totally exciting and nerve racking all at the same time. Getting the first weeks off to a great start is our dream. So what can we do to make this a reality.  As a kinder teacher of many many years here are my 5 top tips to help with the all important adjustment to school.

1. Be sure to allow plenty of time to get to the classroom each day. Being relaxed about arriving at school keeps any worries or sensitive nerves calm.

2. Be sure your little one knows what’s in their bag and lunch box and where it is place outside their classroom. It may sound simple but this really matters. How do you feel when you think you have lost your things?!

3. Ask very specific questions at the end of the day. The big question, ‘How was your day?’ is a hard one, even for adults to answer. “Did you play on the jungle gym at lunch?’ is much easier to narrow down thinking. This will help your little one to talk directly to activities and help you to get more information from them.

4. Remember to let your little one play and relax after school is done. School is very hard work, even for the most seasoned student. When you are new at it its exhausting – thinking ALL day. So home time should be relaxing, spending time laughing and just chilling with the most important people – family.

5. Remember to always validate your child’s point of view. Our perspectives are our realities after all. However, any issues or stories which worry either of you should be clarified by an adult first, then you will have ALL the information to take appropriate action. It’s helpful to remember that the best kind of action is one where teachers have brought clarity to the situation. You will then be empowered to deal with the whole issue rather than just a slice. 

Above all, truly enjoy this time. It’s one of the most exciting times school has to offer. Don’t miss its wonder by missing the details.

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