I always enjoy catching up with my mum, especially on mothers’ day. The one special thing about the day is that we recognise the influence mothers have on our lives. It is a day where we deliberately stop with the hustle and bustle and think about one person, their life, choices and influence of their actions. It’s a rite of passage for mothers and us.

This year I made a list of the ways my mother influences me. Here are some of the items on it….My mum taught and modeled how to be:

  •  Honouring of people and places
  • Kind and caring with thoughts, words and actions
  • Flexible in tricky situations
  • Mindful of others and myself
  • Respectful and truthful
  • A person who brings light into the lives of others
  • Creative and express myself…

…and have a good sense of style!

It’s by no means exhaustive but upon reflection my life is significantly different as a results of this sort of influence. So it got me asking how do I influence people who are close to me? It’s a confronting question, but its one that will help me to be the best version of myself. When I am the best version of myself I can offer so much more and stop getting in the way of great progress of others.

It is also a wonderful privilege to see all the Thinkers.inq mums shaping their little ones in some amazing ways too. Thank goodness another generation of powerfully kind and caring influencers are on their way!

So I have two challenges for you today. Firstly, identify what are some of the timeless things your mother taught you and secondly go practice these and influence those around you in powerful, life changing ways. You can do it!