Since sending our 3-year-old son to Thinkers.inq it has been wonderful to see his progress, they create a really positive environment for the kids! The learning strategies have supported his development and it is a pleasure to see his confidence and enthusiasm grow week on week. He is always excited to show and share with us the day’s activities. A great team that have created delightful surroundings accompanied by an excellent healthy food menu. We feel fortunate to be part of the Thinkers.inq family.

Julie and Duncan, 7th April 2015


Dear fellow Mums and Dads,

We have been on a journey. My husband and I were seeking an environment for our daughter that nurtured her and indulged her creativity, allowed her to explore her fascination with stories and literature, even writing. It wasn’t complicated. She told us herself she wanted to go to ‘school’, she ‘read’ stories to her brother. Every child is different, we honestly felt we weren’t asking too much: just The Best (!)

On our journey we were frequently told that “the NSW curriculum dictates a strict baseline of standards we need to meet”. One day we walked into a space where they ‘finished’ the sentence “the NSW curriculum dictates a strict baseline of standards we need to meet, which forms our baseline- from there we explore learning and life driven by what our children need”

I remember the sunny evening we visited Thinkers.inq. A space of possibility: colourful, creative and inspired. We absorbed a crafts corner with easels and brushes, a ‘corner store’, wooden furniture, cute picnic tables ready for pint-sized picnickers. Further inspection revealed the outdoor amphitheater, the organic gardens, fruit trees, handmade puzzles and high grade, integrated technology. No heavy reliance on plastic toys and ‘babysitting’ here!

That evening we were first impressed by Rod Soper. A Director with charisma, passion and talent- incredibly educated, networked and inspiring. Rod perhaps may not divulge his phenomenal credentials (lead education roles at some of Sydney’s most progressive and significant schools) – given his passion and engagement with the children speaks for itself. To have such vision, and then to bring it to life every day is a feat in itself. Rod is approachable, friendly, engaged yet professional and nurturing. When my daughter met him she asked whether there would be a boat in the outdoor area. His reply: How would that look? Can you design one? Her imagination was sparked. We now have a ‘boat’ of blankets and chairs in our own backyard too, all filled with pirates and mermaids!

Our daughter started at Thinkers.inq not long after. Thinkers.inq is not just a preschool, it is a philosophy. The staff have unparalleled aptitude for unlocking their little learners. One cannot reflect on the experience without emotion- the relief at finding such an environment, the passion with which our daughter jumps out of bed, the staff.

The team! Those leaders who support, nurture, cuddle, encourage and ask questions. The team who have my self-professed fussy eater extolling the virtues of beans, eating and enjoying chicken, guiding her younger brother in table manners. The team who skyped my daughter whilst on holiday to ensure connection and to leverage the opportunity to learn about the volcanoes she was visiting. The team who have filled my daughter with song, with stories of astronauts, pirates and, incidentally, counting the buttons, doing maths, fractions (half an apple) and writing her name proudly to sign in each day. My daughter is three. She is excited, has personality, feels a sense of belonging, is growing, and is dealing with her feelings. And so am I. Together Thinkers.inq is providing our family the building blocks for learning at home, and at preschool.

Perhaps most importantly are the experiences, style, and philosophy we see in action every day: learning, building confidence, trust, welcoming new friends, building relationships and resilience. I cannot recommend Thinkers.inq enough.

My husband and I did set out on a journey. Although it feels like we found our destination in Thinkers.inq. And now realise the journey is only beginning….

Tanya, 2nd April 2015


After returning from Singapore where our son attended a preschool that was nurturing, educational, innovative, creative and a place where he just flourished I was looking for a similar environment in Sydney and just kept finding long day care centres that were just not meeting my expectations.

I then heard about Thinkers.inq and from the first moment there I knew I had found what I was looking for our son. The family environment and warmth, the resources available, the inquiry based programming, the space and use of it and to just top it off the amazing healthy no ‘nasties’ food focus.

Our son settled without a problem and has continued to look forward to his time at Thinkers.inq so much each week it takes me 30 min to leave each time as he wants to show me everything he has done each time!

We couldn’t be happier with Thinkers.inq and the team and the dedication and love they show each and every day.

Samantha, 1st April 2015