This week the Thinkers.inq leadership team assessed our health and wellbeing. We looked at how we were managing our energies, our professional focus and ourselves. In our speedway lives doing this sort of reflection is critical to keeping an even and balance approach in all we do.

One of the key people who helped facilitate this reflection was our vitality coach Nikki Fogden-Moore. Nikki is an amazing woman who works with small companies all the way through to the biggies. Check out her site for more information…

The thing I loved the most about our time together, other than eating amazing food and great company, was the 5 Elements For A Winning Week which she introduced to us. They are:

Element 1: Fitness and wellbeing. This element includes exercise and meal planning to eat right. These two combined means we position ourselves to be able to make positive choices about life and not be usurped by the unexpected. Both of these I need help with and with this element actioned I can begin to get it right. (I’ve had three salads this week already and no hot chips, all because I planned it out.)

Element 2: Friends. Spending time with the right people makes a huge difference to our week; making sure we stay connected with positive people transforms our outlook – regardless of the situation.

Element 3: Family. Again staying connected to those we love and those who love us is vital to maintaining and furthering great relationships at work and at play.

Element 4: Admin/work productivity. Allocating time to get things done and sticking to it – no more procrastination! Paying bills or reading a new helpful research article to solve an old problem can be pushed out of the way when we aren’t purposeful in planning in these things. Even the busiest of work weeks can be managed when we manage ourselves first.

Element 5: Me time. How do you recalibrate yourself each week? We have to be purposeful in this otherwise it nearly always gets left out. I get a massage or take a long walk in the botanic gardens to recalibrate. I have to schedule it in though so I don’t miss out on the power it offers me to reconnect with my personal goals and sense of self. What do you do?

Nikki reminded our team that these elements, when plotted out in a way which suited us best, would result in our outcomes skyrocketing to success. She gave example after example of people activating these 5 elements and having wonderful vitality in all aspects of life as a consequence.

So get into it…

Don’t delay…

Just like the Thinkers.inq team, be to person to make the biggest difference in your life.

Don’t leave this important job to another person, go get a winning week!