Last night we held our Nourished For Life seminar and it was a deliciously tasty blend of inspiration and challenge. Alexx Stuart ( ), Kate Johnston ( and Kamilla Johns ( telling it like it is regarding the food we eat and its impact on our bodies. These 3 experts sure know their stuff, each of them leaving quiet an impact.

Three big take-away messages for me were:

Is the food I eat a stranger to me? This is one mind-spinning question to answer. When I look at the list of ingredients on the food I am going/wanting to put in my body do I actually understand what all the words, numbers and chemicals mean? Take one of my teenage favourites, Toobs! Delicious memories right! Well, I looked at the ingredients and of the 13 items only 4 weren’t strangers. The rest were all chemicals or enhancements, and sadly to say, total and utter strangers to me. The obvious question then is: what are these additives and what are they doing to my body??? (Even Google just said fake flavour). As a result of this frightening fact I have decided to be more mindful of the ingredients list from now; no more strangers and a lot more friends! Next time I am at the supermarket and selecting prepackaged food, Ill be asking the question, is this food a friend or foe? My body, mind and soul will be so grateful…. Thanks Alexx!

The second take-away idea rocked my socks too. The more time I spend preparing whole food deliciousness, the less time I have to spend at the doctors, the dentist and even therapist. These days I am continually reminding my team, our families and myself that behaviour is always a result of thinking. So to come back to what I use to fuel my body, how will it impact my thinking and then my behaviour? The dentist is obvious enough – too much refined sugars e.g. lollies, soft drinks and I know exactly what I will be thinking and doing and where I will be. But is this the same for doctors and therapists too? Without a doubt! So often I forget just how deeply connected the food I eat and my capacity to think and the behaviour I display is. An incredibly important reminder… thanks Kate!

The final take-away involved global travel, the easy way. Always talking about meals, where all the ingredients come from and how they arrived in the shop or the kitchen bench is a great way to help children explore food in general and the meals they eat. Asking them to select which vegetables go in a meal and then celebrating their choice is a great way to get their buy-in. Celebrating food from all over the world, from where in the world it comes and what specialised ingredients are needed to make a delicious meal, is a great way to engage the fussiest of taste buds too. This has been toddler tested and it is a winner. Above all let food be fun and get just as excited about the veggies as you do the treats. This helps to develop and maintain a balanced perspective for everyone at every meal….Thanks Kamilla!

If you missed out on the evening, follow Alexx, Kate and Kamilla’s blogs and your source of inspiration will never run dry.

One last tip, try for all that friendly food!

Happy eating!