Today’s blog is the third in our I’m Being Challenged By My Child series and we are going to be thinking about the incredible change ‘finding everything interesting’ can make to home life.

The key to meeting this challenge is to never dismiss anything! By this I mean that your little one is in the ‘this is my first time’ stage of life and to dismiss their curiosity devalues their natural instinct to engage in exploration.

The idea of ‘finding everything interesting’ helps both you and your child explore deeper and for longer because of the model and consequent pattern of thinking it generates. By finding everything interesting you begin exploring the obvious which then leads into the world of the unknown for you and your  child. The habits formed as a result of ‘finding everything interesting’ are well-developed curious minds.

Curious questions fuel the ‘finding everything interesting’ mentality. Curious questions are truly open-ended questions. This means that we really don’t know the answers and to truly find them out we have to genuinely explore for them. A few examples of genuinely open-ended questions are:

  • I wonder where that came from?
  • Ohh, that looks amazing, tell me about that?
  • Can you help me understand what you have found interesting?
  • How did you do that? Look at that, I wonder what is it?
  • I am so impressed with your thinking, are there any other ideas you want to tell me about?

You can also use a great little thinking tool called de Bono’s Six Thinking Hats to develop truly curious question. Each of the six hats has a job to do to help thinking go further and deeper. Children, and many adults, enjoy a little bit of dressing up and this is a great way to have lots of fun and think deeply all at the same time. You can check out how they work in greater detail by following this link.

‘Finding everything interesting’ means that each opportunity to explore the world around us turns out to be a prospect to become engaged. We know that when a person is engaged we no longer have the ‘I’m bored’ dilemma and/or attention seeking behaviour. Being engaged in things we find interesting shifts our thinking, language, attention and even our physical bodies. Therefore engagement really matters and finding everything interesting is a ritual to unlock the potential within everyone.

So let’s join in the wonderment of every experience and see thinking and behaviour change for the better.