It isn’t everyday that you arrive at work and find a brand new book sitting on your desk with the author sitting right there beside it. Today, that was my story and I am so excited and proud all at the same time… so I thought I would share with you all the goodness.

Thinkers.inq co-founder, entrepreneur and all round fantastic woman Melissa Browne has just finished her second book. It is called Fabulous But Broke.

Her first book, More Money For Shoes ( is all about just that. Creating a business which results in opportunities to spend some of that hard earnt money on the things you love, for Melissa it’s shoes, rather than only having enough to pay those jolly bills. It’s a book filled with ideas and tools to build your business into that thriving dream you have always had.

Melissa’s second book, Fabulous But Broke and the one sitting one my desk all glossy and new, ( is a cheeky, beautifully illustrated book of financial fairytales to help us realise it’s up to us: sadly there are no unicorns, fairy godmothers or magical shoes coming to save us! Melissa recrafts classic fairytales into financial tales which explore how we can move from a wishful financial thinking i.e. pinning to win the lotto, to what can we really do to make the difference in our financial lives so we can begin the ‘happily every after’.

Both of her sensational books provide powerful insights, useful wisdom and practical tools for the reader. It totally changed how I manage my personal finances as well as my understanding and capacity in business. As a result of heeding Melissa’s advice from her books I now enjoy a lot more financial freedom – gosh I sound like an advert don’t I?!

My recommendation is that you get the books for yourself and let us know things work out for you.


Happy reading and every financial success!