Today’s blog is the first in our I’m Being Challenged By My Child series and we are going to be thinking about the never-ending question: ‘Mum, I’m bored what should I do now?’ or statement, ‘but, I’ve done that already!’ It is a dilemma many parents face and with it can bring a whole lot of unwanted stress.  School holidays can also become this daunting time of, ‘oh no, it’s the mum show’ again.

The age-old question is, how do we throw off this nagging feeling and what can we replace it with? We will, over the coming weeks, look at a number of things to address this and hopefully, with the right amount of applied creative and critical thinking, turn this dilemma into an opportunity helping you to never look back.

Today though, we are going to start with ourselves. We are going to begin looking within to get a better grasp on how we can change the nag. It seems odd starting with ourselves when we are not the ones complaining about being bored. But it is vitally important that we do!

We need to start with ourselves because that is where our perspective and responses originate. It is from this place we see the world, make decisions and judgments and take action. Our first job is to do a perspective check. Are we using the right lens when dealing with these sorts of questions?

Often, time and the intense ‘business’ of the day clouds our perspectives and consequently our responses can come across as impatient.  But wait… pause… breathe deeply, just for a moment… let’s manage ourselves, our perspectives and reflect and remember.  Let’s remember what it was like being young: remember the laughter and the accompanying feelings.  Remind yourself of the fun you had in the creative spaces you made like cubbies made of blankets, climbing a tree, riding a bike or the feeling of glue squishing between your fingers. These adventures formed us. These adventures helped us form our world-views. Most importantly, these adventures were often a result of someone enticing us into the moment and then allowing our curiosities take us from there. As children we needed that lead or introduction into the wonders of the world from someone who had either gone before or who was willing to share some little hidden secret with us which opened up so many opportunities. These same thrilling adventures and empowering relationships are exactly what we want for our young people. To ensure it happens we need to dive into our memories, our stories, isolate the ones which matters the most, focus and ready ourselves as we turn them into possibilities for creative thinking and exploration.

This ‘remembering’ changes our perspective. It reminds us that our involvement is critical in our young people’s lives. We have the power over this question. It no longer haunts us but rather becomes  an invitation to celebrate the wonder of life with our family. If you are wondering how much work  this might be, remember this wise piece of advice: it only takes a spark to get a fire going!