I had a great conversation with a four year and his mum old today about the outdoors. He was wondering what more might go in our outdoors space to play on. I inquired what he might like and his immediate response was, “something to climb on”. I ask him what it might look like and be made of, where we might put it and how long for. I also asked would he like to help design and build it? His eyes lit up and we all went outside to wonder where these new and exciting ideas might have their beginnings.

It was great to hear this little guy’s response and wonderings as we talked about the creative adventure we might have together. We had sparked his curiosity, his ideas and provided some new language and understanding. That moment we all had together was remarkable; all of us joined together in idea making.

At the heart of Thinkers.inq is the constant desire to connect and build capacity within our children. We are always looking for that moment in creative play where we can find purpose to shape our knowledge of self and the world around us. This ultimately creates agent young people who are actively seeking opportunities to wonder, imagine and then learn…. and it all begins with one conversation, just like today’s.

If you would like to know more our next information evening is on the 9th Dec, 6:30-8:30pm at 321 Mona Vale rd, Terrey Hills. Come along and join the curious conversations.