When the day finally arrives for your little one to start school it’s important to get a few things in order. I have taught Kindergarten for years and help hundreds of families navigate this super important day. Here are a few tips which have helped many families over the past 2 decades.

These tips are for all families, it doesn’t matter whether you have a kindergartener busting to go or one nervous to get started.

On the big day:

1. Remain calm at all costs. Children can feel any anxiety, as they know their parents very well. Your calmness will instil confidence that school is a good place to be.

GOAL: Instil mental confidence in your little one on this big day.

2. Make lots of eye contact with your child’s teacher in front of your child.

GOAL: Make strong connections visible in word and action with this important person.

3. Be sure to have a joke and laugh with the teacher in front of your child.

GOAL: To assist your little one to relax, trusting connections need to be seen to be genuine.

4. Have your Kindergartener show you around the classroom a bit – letting them be the expert of what they (might) know.

GOAL: Build a sense of  self confidence that they can manage their learning space.

5. Ensure your child knows what is in their bag, where it is and can access it comfortably. Calmly check in with them that they really do know. Remember lots is happening around them and they are many distractions. Eye contact is a helpful tool here.

GOAL: Confidence with their belongings.

6. Make sure you say goodbye, give him or her a time when you will be back to collect them.

GOAL: Provide a sense of security that they wont be abandoned (I know it’s a loaded word, but it’s the right one – trust me). Something like, “Mum will be here to collect you after lunch and you have worked inside the classroom for a while. About 3 o’clock.” It is simple, but it is one sure fire way to have a more relaxed learner.

Leave the rest up to the Kinder teacher and the school. If you have done your ‘homework’ regarding the school and its quality, then the first day will likely be pretty good for your new learner.