We all love finding an app that makes a world of difference in our lives. Whether it is an app to help us think differently, remember shopping list items, get active, guide us on our holidays or even tell us what to have for dinner… when we find one that matters to us it rocks our world.  It has the potential to change the way we act, think, move and eat. The bottom line is we give these apps loads of influence in our lives.

This got me thinking about the types of people in our lives and I wondered do they have the same type of influence, and if they do, who might they these people be and what are their roles in our lives?

Interestingly, over the last two days I have had the opportunity to connect with some people who have this kind of influence. These people have brilliant minds, full hearts and work in outstanding spaces which they have created.  Who are these influencers you ask? They are outstanding teachers.

These teachers are passionate about their learning space, the children, young people and the families they connect with every day. As I observed the impact of these powerful connections I couldn’t help but become energized. Literally, my heart began pounding and the hair stood up on my arms and neck with excitement as I saw and heard these teachers making an incredible difference in young people’s lives.

Great teachers are those who really know their job and activate it with a contagious passion. These kinds of teachers model curiosity, foster creativity, engage with thinking and drive learning and innovation with nearly every breath they take. They are infectious. I realized at that moment that these people change the way we act, think, move and relate. These great teachers have incredible influence and it got me thinking that these teachers are the world’s greatest apps.

Do you or your child have this kind of (app) teacher or mentor in your life? Well let me encourage you to find them, follow them and tell them how they matter. Don’t settle for anything less because they can help you change your world.

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