I have something wonderful to share with you today! It is from Dr Carol Dweck a psychologist and professor at Stamford University. She has been studying the idea that we can grow our brain’s capacity to learn and to solve problems. One the key ideas she has researched is the notion of a growth mindset, which captures the concept of the ‘ I’m not there yet, but finding a way’.

Here is in this video she explores this idea a little further for us. Check it out as she delivers a 10 minute TED talk (it will totally be worth your while… reload your page if the video is missing.)

What stood out for me was that the growth mindset or the “I can’t do it yet but I’ll keep trying” mindset helps us in so many ways. It helps us to keep trying, not the give up, take a deep breathe and seek out help. The growth mindset helps us to achieve our goals, both small and large.

Activating the growth mindset in children and adults alike is best done through praising the process. Praising the process values thinking over the finished product. It delivers great effort, enables more strategies to be explored and applied and builds confidence.

Dr Carol Dweck suggests the growth mindset formulae as: effort + difficulty = growth in brain capacity. The application of this formula to our lives changes everything from relationships with family and friends to new neurological pathways which stretch and develop our language, gross and fine motor skills and our cognition or creative and critical thinking.

At Thinkers.inq, learning leaders, learners and their families are encouraged to have a growth mindset. This mindset is core within our mission of play with purpose. We measure our success by the evidence of change we hear in conversation and see in our actions.

Our challenge to you is, how strong is your growth mindset? How will you turn tricky moments into an “I’m not there yet, but I will keep trying” opportunity for you and your family?

It’s worth every bit of effort and the level difficulty will only grow your satisfaction once you have achieve your goal.