It is my experience that every parent desires to have their child cared for and educated by a fantastic teacher. There are two sides to every fantastic teacher. On one side there is the life-long desire for professional development and capacity building so that they can be the very best – always.

On the other side there are the powerful personal stories, the incredible passions and the deep abiding care which emanates from a fantastic teacher.  It is these amazing qualities and character traits which are the substance of the educator.

So how can you make a difference for your child? Invest in these people’s lives!

Your child’s educators are key players in their transformation. They invest so much time and energy into your child for one purpose; so that they can become all they are meant to be.

The thing we have to remember is this kind of commitment needs a source.

Therefore the challenge, to all parents out there, is to find three ways you can invest into your child’s teacher.  Don’t simply swing in and collect your child, take a moment to smile, laugh and encourage them.

It will make a world of difference for every teacher.

It will make a world of difference for every child as their teacher’s capacity is valued and encouraged.

It will make a world of difference for parents as their focus is put onto building another person’s capacity.

A few ideas I know work really well:

  • Home baked cookies
  • Hot chocolate in a thermos
  • A surprise coffee or tea
  • A generous smile with strong positive eye contact
  • An encouraging note acknowledging a particular aspect of their work with your child
  • An email to say thanks for something specific
  • A shared moment of laughter
  • Make an interview to discuss your child’s successes
  • Let them over hear a conversation with another parent where you are stating your thankfulness for their insight

I am sure there are many more ways you can come up with. Whatever they are, my suggestion is to do them very soon.

Make that difference today… what are you waiting for?


This blog was brought to you on Early Childhood Educators Day 2014.