When was the last time you really laughed out loud with your family, friends or colleagues? If you can’t put your finger on the last belly laugh session then it has been far too long.

Science research tells us that laughter has a big impact on our bodies, minds and relationships. Laughter changes our thinking, feelings, attitudes, stress levels and physiology. Our muscles stretch, our blood pumps faster, we breathe faster, our immune response is boosted and our organs relax as our whole body is energized.

Our brains shift up a gear too; our coping skills to become more adaptable, our social skills get boosted as relationships are strengthened, any aggression is often slowed as tense situations are relieved of their immediate pressure and our thinking is freed up to become clearer, more flexible and creative.

Fundamentally, laughing matters!

If you want a family deeply connected then laugh together. The laughter strengthens our natural connections as it lightens burdens, inspires hopes, connects you to family members, and keeps you grounded, focused, and alert to each others needs. You could say a family that laughs together stays together.

If you want you more creative productivity from your team, then find a way to keep your perspective balanced and surround yourself with reminders to lighten up. Regular and natural bursts of laughter with your team helps shift their thinking enabling team members to reconnect in new ways and enjoy flexible approaches to seemingly impossible tasks.

I laugh lots with my family and colleagues and it changes everything. For me it maintains my perspective and sense of self and for others it keeps them connected to the core of our relationship. Our laughter builds lots of social capital between us. It keeps everyone feeling valued and truly flexible when the pressure was applied.

Make it a priority to lighten up, balance your perspectives and thoroughly enjoy the people around you.

Yours in laughter