Over the past few months I have been thinking a lot about wellbeing and resilience. Both of these terms come up a lot when talking with parents, leaders and colleagues as we explore the ideas of growing and change.

As such the question buzzing around in my mind is: to create or strengthen a family unit or to develop a brilliant work culture where do I focus my thinking and actions?

I started exploring this quest by clarifying the two terms.

Well-being relates to our sense of agency around our health, happiness, social and emotional connectedness and our mental and spiritual wellness.

Resilience is our ability to bounce back from a problem or a challenge which we might face.

This got me thinking… if I focused my attention on developing wellbeing then resilience should be directly impacted as a result.

As I think about my experience as part of a family, as a therapist, an educator and a leader the greatest resource to purposeful change or growth was when wellbeing was in focus. As wellbeing was built and strengthened it seemed so was capacity to handle both the good and the bad.

With this in mind, developing wellbeing is critical to personal, family and organisational growth.

How do we do this? These are just a few tips from my reading and experience, which really helped my family and the organisations I lead to know their worth and build their wellbeing:

  • Make time to get to know the people’s thinking and perspectives
  • Look for every and any opportunity to build upon and work with existing capacity and strengths
  • Use specific encouragement to build a sense of value and place
  • Collaboratively set goals or activities which both stretch and draw on capacity and strengths
  • Get talking about how goals are achieved
  • Spend time reflecting on how any obstacles were overcome
  • Applaud every aspect of initiative and purposeful action which highlights strengths and capacity
  • Look for opportunities to share wins and successes with others
  • Acknowledge growth and be curious as to how it came about
  • Be explicit when you find ways where family or team members need and utilize one another and their strengths or capacities