It is just a little crazy to think that another year is almost done. In only 30 days 2015 will be done and dusted.

With this in mind… how many goals did you achieve this year? Did you realise any of your dreams? Did you make a powerful new connection that changed how you think about your life or profession? How successfully did you maintain your well being? Did you find new ways to manage stressors that come into your life? Did you find new possibilities or opportunities to grow in mindfulness?

Asking these sorts of questions helps us in reviewing what has been. I like to think of it as looking over my shoulder and seeing what lays in my wake; seeing what I have left behind with people and in places I have been.

Taking a look over your shoulder at what lays behind helps us succeed in achieving three life-changing actions – so it really does matter.

Weighting Your Influence: Being able to look over your shoulder and review the impact of your influence will give you an excellent guide as to how your thinking has changed the community you are connected to. The outworking of your thinking shifts people and changes environments, and knowing the width and breadth of its influence creates an opportunity to become even more strategic in the future. As you critically reflect on the evidence of change you will be able to redesign and renovate your thinking and re-inspire connections for the coming year. Ask yourself, what was your influence like this year?

Setting Reality Goals: By pausing and drawing a line in the preverbal ‘sand’ we enable opportunity to set transformative new goals based firmly in real time evidence of the past year. The key is being mindful of the evidence and not being caught up in our feelings. New goals should come from synthesized thinking and strategic planning based on this evidence and any subsequent innovative thinking. This kind of goal setting purposefully values the present and sets us up for a truly transformative future. Ask yourself, what evidence can you collect to drive the future?

Purpose-filled Relationships: Reflecting on the current state of your relationships, whether they are professional or personal, will tell you about how you’re connecting with others. It will reveal where real strength lies and where a different approach is needed for purposeful change and connections to occur. When we analyse our connections based on purposefulness we are able to focus on giving and reciprocity rather than needs and wants. As we consider our purposefulness we learn exactly what we can offer to others in our community. This model of relationship drives strong connections and powerful associates for a successful new year. Ask yourself, what is my purpose in my relationships?

Accordingly, take a look over your shoulder in the next few weeks, take a careful measure of your influence and take note of the evidence of change. Then, with purpose and renew vigour, set a course for an exciting and revolutionary 2016.