What’s your perspective? Is it right for what you need to achieve? 

It is so important to keep it well rounded, balanced and in the creative zone.

Sometimes, though, we feel like we exhaust ours. So what can we do to keep it right?

A great tip is to put on someone else’s. For example, how would Walt Disney think or see the problem? Or, how would a child see or solve the problem? 

Here are three helpful steps to help build a new perspective: 

  1. Identify the problem – be specific!
  2. Assemble an eclectic group of minds and for 20 mins let ideas flow. Be sure to embrace a ‘no filters’ policy for this part… just let creativity flow.
  3. Review, reflect, be inspired and decisive and then take on your new actions.

Having the right perspective makes a big difference in how we respond internally to situations and how we communicate with those important people around us.

Having the right perspective is a choice! You have to make it!


It’s very invigorating getting your perspective right again. It’s like getting your groove back!

Rod Soper