British nanny Emma Jenner has been in the media over the past few weeks highlighting some of the modern problems modern parents face. In a recent article she raises some interesting issues which are becoming more pressing every day for many parents.

After being in education for the past two decades, I agree with many of the aspects Emma Jenner addresses. I feel the most significant one from this article is the notion of community, or the idea that it takes a village to raise a child. In the fast paced lives of modern families, community, it seems for many, ends up being neglected. Nevertheless, this community perspective is critical for individuals who demonstrate healthy levels of well-being.

Community builds relationship, strengthens communication competencies and creates opportunity for resilience and risk taking. Community helps children, and adults for that matter, learn to enjoy other people’s perspectives, negotiate differences and inspire new ideas.

As Emma Jenner suggests, modern families need to find places and people with which to connect. Modern families will, as a consequence, find new opportunities to build stronger connections with each other and become important to others at the same time. When we know what matters to each other we find new reasons to love and laugh.

So where do you start building community? Begin with your family. Don’t be terrorized by time. Remember you are in control (I know sometimes it doesn’t feel like it – but you are). We know we don’t have control over time, we can’t add in a couple more minutes to the hour no matter how much we want to. We do, however,  have 100% control over ourselves.  So make the choice to find a mountain top, wrap your arms around those you love and celebrate each other.  The other ‘important things’ can wait – they always do. Take the time back to build your family community.

Next, look for other families to share your community with. Invite them over for lunch, go for a picnic, enjoy an outdoor concert or a local festival. Share the goodness and beauty which you and your family celebrate that comes from community. It’s worth every moment!

Thinkers.inq values this notion of community and has built into its programs, purposeful opportunities for it to become real and transformative for every individual and every family. We look forward to welcoming you and your family to our ‘village’. Give us a call today on 1300 697 737.

Written by Rod Soper