On Sunday, the Sydney Morning Herald posted and article from an amazing study happening at Melbourne University looking into the amazing influence early learning settings have on our young people throughout the life span. Check it out. One disappointing discovery from the study was how many early learning spaces approach numeracy poorly and without adequate professional insight. As a result, the article highlights, due to this poor educational approach negative outcomes for children play out.

When we read this, we cried.

Here at Thinkers.inq we love numeracy, as it helps us make sense of our wonderful world. Our world is ordered by mathematical principles so it is easy to find it in every part of our play. Whether it is counting the number of cupcakes we are having for afternoon tea to finding patterns in the obstacle courses be build and tackle together.

Since, we have collaborated about what are some of the key emergent numeracy aspects early learners need to have mastery in..

  1. Identifying, repeating and creating patterns in their world
  2. Being able to articulate one to one correspondence e.g. the number 1 equates to one object
  3. Identifying number and numerals (in order and randomly) in play
  4. Estimating, guessing, trialing and hypothesizing ideas around area, shape and measurement. E.g. “I think it could take 3 buckets of sand to fill that dump truck. Let’s try and see!”
  5. Sorting, classifying and grouping. e.g. these two stones are nearly the same size. (If you want to extend on this kind of thinking, begin making larger collections and find out how many are in all the groups together… and then keep this thinking going!)
  6. Be creative thinkers as they talk about their world and be critical thinkers when trying to understand how it might work

Try building these into your daily thinking. It will also offer awesome possibilities for other learning as a consequence.

You might like to check out this video to see how numeracy matters to all of us here at Thinkers.inq.

If you have any other questions, or would like some training in emergent numeracy, please drop us a line at inquire@thinkersinq.com, we’d be only too happy to help.