Thinkers.inq is a place where wellbeing is central to the whole family.

We host regular workshops, coffee catch ups, cheese and nibble afternoons and team meetings to help strengthen understanding and develop a sense of community to ensure no one ‘feels like they are doing it alone’.

Keep your eye out for events such as:

  • Monthly ‘chat times’ with the Principal – parents can bring any question they like which relates to the development of their child
  • Quarterly ‘Celebrating Parenthood’ information nights with childhood development experts

The whole family is always welcome at Thinkers.inq. View each page to check our calendar of events – if we don’t have anything listed or you have something you’d like to see happening at Thinkers.inq, contact us and let us know.

To find out more, visit:
Workshops | Coffee Catch Ups | Meet the Team

Apply now about enrolment or contact us to further discuss how we can help.