Creative & Critical Thinking

Little_AmeliaThinkers.inq is a place where ideas are valued as part of the journey, not only to reach a destination. A place where thoughts can be captured, explored and developed in a way that helps identify and develop the potential that every child has within them.

This is the process of creative and critical thinking and it underpins everything we teach and do together.

Learning how to think this way from a young age helps support the future learning and success of every child.

All ideas and learning at Thinkers.inq follow creative and critical thinking practices, to develop inquisitive and effective problem solving. One of the tools we will be using to inspired this process will be various forms of interactive technology, such as iPads, iTouches and mobile computers. These tools will be used in such a way to deepen and stretch our imaginations and facilitate purpose filled play. Consequently ‘screen time’ will empower learning and develop potential opportunities for growth and not detract from it.

At Thinkers.inq, we help guide young minds through:

  • creative and critical thinking skills
  • excellent problem solving habits
  • confidence to explore concepts and ideas

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