Play With Purpose

turtlePlay allows us to enjoy and become immersed in the moment. Play is a time when our minds and bodies lose track of time and inhibitions, allowing new ideas and thinking to be explored in an unbridled way. Play is more about the process and less about the end result.

Purposeful play allows us to develop our communication skills, empathy and relationship building, to explore new ideas, develop thinking and be curious.

For this reason, Thinkers.inq believes in play with purpose.

We see children as capable individuals, rather than people under construction. We believe that play should be deliberate, always creative and curious to welcome and inspire new ideas.

Play with Purpose is about bringing children and educators together in an environment that is fun, enjoyable and capacity-building to help them discover new things about themselves and the world around them.

Our educators are focused on identifying opportunities for ideas that can be investigated in a deeper way through play with purpose. They explore and apply literacy and numeracy wherever it has a place within play, to ensure a complete, holistic approach to learning creatively and critically.

Watch a short overview of what play with purpose means to children and families at Thinkers.inq.


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