A Day In The Life Of The Educator

educatorsThere will be no timetables at Thinkers.inq, but rather an intuitive listening for the rhythm of the learners’ minds and bodies. The day will then move to this beat so that learners have a powerful sense of their being, becoming and belonging in the space. It is difficult to describe a sample day, however, it might look something like this:

At the forefront of every educators mind will be ‘let’s have loads of fun and enjoy every aspect of our environment’.

As each day begins learning leaders will be listening to learners share their stories and reciprocating. Leaders will be looking for unique moments so they can capture the child’s disposition and areas of inquiry which could be woven into the day. For learners who arrive after 8am leaders will deliberately connect with children as they arrive with time, body and eye contact to reestablish a secure base with each child.

During ‘riddle time’ leaders will be looking for ways to support thinking, communication and relationships. They will be listening to language and thought development via the depth of questioning used by their learners. As the riddle is resolved, leaders will begin a conversations with learners about how they have grown as thinkers and what the riddle experience was like for them.

Teaming with the theme sessions provide leaders opportunities to offer provocations to learners and explore their thinking and ideas around the quarterly topic e.g. sustainability. Leaders will always be looking for opportunities to embed emergent literacy and numeracy skills along with developing curiosity aided by technology.

As learners self manage their morning tea, in consultation with their learning leader, leaders will engage in reflective and purposeful conversations with each other and the learners, getting excited about new explorations. They will celebrate thinking, skill development and well-being with children. At all times leaders will be working towards assisting the learners think about how they learn and what that might mean for them.

The leaders aim during these sessions is to explore learners thinking about skill development. i.e. how does that drum work, can I create it else where, where else can I find it, how many ways are there to play it, what if I…? Leaders will be demonstrating, co-constructing, philosophising, being curious, letting experimentation occur and allow play drive learning. Leaders will be about recording, modelling, celebrating, developing learners skills and driving excitement for growth.

Lunchtime will provide opportunity for leaders to engage with children regarding their experiences and how they are going making sense of their world. This will allow for leaders to gauge changes in thinking, dispositions and explore relationships.

As part of the afternoon’s activities, leaders will focus on a calmness of the body and mind. They will engage with thinking which helps to explore the quarterly theme and drive curriculum development. Making learning visible is a fundamental task for the learning leader. Every conversation will matter to capturing the extraordinary. Leaders will use this time to engage with the learners about how they have changed, where they want to change and how their change has impacted them. Leaders will be making their thinking explicit with the learners so that everyone’s learning is visible.

The afternoon will also allow leaders the opportunity to guide skill development, both fine and gross motor. The games and their rules will be taught explored and reinvented with the learners. The aim of these sessions is to create opportunities to be stretched mentally, physically and relationally.

As learners leave for the day, leaders will be present for the learning exchange between caregiver and learner and to prompt where requested. Leaders will take careful note of caregiver language, questions and ideas for use in further curriculum development. Leaders will also be present for caregivers as they inquire, think and share their ideas around their child’s development and growth. Leaders will also make purposeful contact with the learner as they leave to ensure that a secure base has been prepared for their return to Thinkers.inq.

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