The future is play with wellbeing

We believe in fostering curiosity to not only encourage inquirers but to develop thinkers with wellbeing dispositions such as empathy, gratitude, self regulation and agency. We are all about creating a wellbeing community who support the natural inclination of young, curious minds to inquire about the world around them.

Together, it's possible.



Young learners will find their sense of being assured and secured, which in turn will promote their potentiality in becoming who they are.

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Using play purposefully to become immersed in the moment, encouraging uninhibited ideas and thinking drives learning.  Read more 



The calibre of the staff was next on our radar. Any organisation wanting to make a sizable difference would only consider hiring ‘just the right person’ for the job.   Read more 



Our food program will be one that supports our children in both mind and body, giving them slow burning steady fuel snacks.   Read more 


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Terry Hills

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Our long day preschool and Junior (2-3 year old) programs run Monday to Friday 50 weeks of the year.

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7AM - 6.30PM

What our families say

The “word on the street” is what an amazing preschool you have, and I promise that we are adding to that with praise for all that you do. Lisa 


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