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A day in the life of your child

There are no fixed timetables at Thinkers.inq, but rather an intuitive listening for the rhythm of the learners’ minds and bodies. The day will move to this beat so that learners have a powerful sense of their being, becoming and belonging in the space. It is difficult to describe a sample day, however, it might look something like this:

From the start of each day there will be a special time to acknowledge children’s sense of place at Thinkers.inq within their learning environment. This time will provide an opportunity for learners to reconnect with buddies and their leaders, so they can reaffirm their secure base. 




For learners who arrive before 8am, a portion of this time will be around a ‘breakfast table’, where learners and leaders build and strengthen relationships. If learners arrive after this time it will be as they find their leaders and friends and connect into the play.

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The first activity is all about engaging the mind through play. It may be riddles to solve or experiences to enjoy, whichever the children select they will have the opportunity to critically and creatively think, communicate with trusted educators and ask lots of curious questions to discover a solution or design a resolution. 


As the exploration and fun continues, tummies grumble. So, at this point learners will enjoy their morning tea, as they need it or as they develop relationships with their friends and ‘togetherness’ strengthens.


Our Juniors often need a rest time after tummies are filled. As this is needed, cozy comfy spaces are provided so that peace and calmness can do its work in growing bodies and minds.

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As the day progresses, learners will have opportunity to explore a range of learning experiences from creative and practical arts such as; music, dance, drama, sculpture, painting, drawing, design, singing, yoga, videoing, app smashing through to sporting activities. Each day the group will negotiate which type of thinking and learning they want to explore. The aim is for the learner to become the ‘teacher’ of the skill or to demonstrate their mastery in play. During this session learners will be challenged to look for another way to think, use, create, design, and make new connections around their areas of play.

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During the afternoon, if learners need a rest then time and space will be offered. This time will allow learners to change the pace of their play; possibly explore their thinking using technology, books and resources, in safe and trustworthy spaces which can further develop their passions.


At some point eating lunch will become crucial. As learners need to eat, they will be able to reflect on their learning. They will have opportunity to build relationships and explore ideas with their leaders too.

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As the day begins to wind up learners will enjoy a snack and explore games, their purpose, development and innovation. These games will be global and across platforms e.g. technology to sporting skills. Learners will develop relationship tools for negotiating core skill development and interpersonal exchanges.


Through play is so important to the development of ideas, thinking and innovation. Collaboratively, learners will take time in the afternoon to record, consider and reflect on their day. They will workshop this time with their buddies and their learning leaders. Learners will hear from their peers and leaders about how they engaged in the day.

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As learners leave for the day, they will share their experiences with their caregivers. These times will be carefully prepared around the one or two things that really made a difference for them during the course of the day.

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