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Play programs


At the heart of the Thinkers.inq Preschool Juniors, a play program for 15 months to 3 yr olds, is a desire to see children thrive as they build a sense of trust and security, have loads of fun, develop great language and strong motor skills, grow good self-control and enjoy great pro-social behaviours every day.

Our program is a small, fun and safe play space where each day the children will be guided and/or offered opportunities to:

> develop their sense of agency,

> exercise their self-regulation,

> practice their language skills,

> strengthen their agility,

> grow in their creativity,

> play with their relationship building skills,

> work on activating their midline, and

> explore the world around them.




At the heart of the preschool play program is the desire to see children flourish. We use the influence of play to explore creative thinking and problem-solving. We also use current research in human development to guide our play program development. At present, our play programs gravitate around the development of life skills such as; self-regulation, persistence, gratitude, empathy, emergent literacy and numeracy, agency, trust and security, agility and problem-solving.

In the preschool play program, we also use play to empower children to maximise opportunities rather than stay stuck with an ‘I can’t’ mentality. We use the elements of play such as; anticipation, surprise, pleasure, understanding, strength, poise to investigate life in areas such as science, technology, reading, arts, mathematics, and engineering. We also know that everyone plays, learns and thinks in unique ways so we offer to every child play experiences which embrace the musical, kinesthetic, visual, naturalistic and language development to ensure everyone has the opportunity to flourish in mind, body, and soul while they are with us.

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