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The Thinkers.inq Food Program

Our menus for those ordering through Thinkers.inq will:

> Support strengthening the body
> Always have a gluten free option at the main lunch meal
> Nut free
> Dairy free and egg free options available every day


Our meals and snacks will be interesting and delicious, enabling children to appreciate food, enjoy it, be mindful eaters and explore new tastes often. Our food will be highly nourishing, providing not only vitamins, but minerals, healthy fats, protein and complex carbohydrates.

To have a fantastic day of creative and purposeful play, we want to steer clear of a big sugary start to the day. Did you know that a bowl of fruit and flake style cereal and a glass of orange juice, equates to half a kilo of sugar per week?



Spelt toast with smashed avocado


Organic yogurt and fruit

Screen Shot 2020-03-23 at 10.20.05

Spelt toast with pure honey or natural jams


As the children play and learn, we don’t want to feed an energy slump with something too high in sugar (for example, a big glass of apple juice has the same amount of sugar as a can of coke!). So for snacks, we will give them a selection of yummy, nourishing treats to enjoy that will carry them steadily through to their next main meal, be it lunch or dinner back at home.

What you can expect:

> Fresh fruit and yoghurt

> Fresh cut veggie sticks with a variety of dips (avocado, creamy beetroot, sweet potato, nut free pesto or hummus)

> Pear and cinnamon muffins with butter

> Crunchy oat biscuits 

> Seed crackers and dip

> Cheese and biscuits


Being the main fuel of the day will also serve to allow our little learners to connect and share a meal together. The meals will be fun and always have an element where the children can be empowered to make choices. At our lunch table you can expect:

> Fish fingers with rainbow salad

> Chicken nuggets with super strong muscle mash

> Clever Kids meat balls with trees and cheese

> Sticky meatballs with oodles of noodles

> Choose your own adventure wraps – a selection of meats, grated veggies and cheese to allow the kids to explore their preferences, always having to choose a minimum of 4 things for their wraps, to be properly nourished by the fillings, rather than just ‘filled’ by the bread.

“You don’t need no surveys. You don’t need no scientists to see the health problems and hear about the crap these poor kids are eating… You need real food. We need to collaborate to fix this. We need to be noisy. Every child deserves to know as a human right, where our food comes from”. Jamie Oliver

We are passionate about ensuring that Thinkers.inq children are given every opportunity to thrive and we proud to be integrating a food program that demonstrates that passion. We are equally passionate about supporting your efforts at home with recipes and nourishment tips and tricks for fussy eaters!

Learning the benefits of wholesome food and mindful eating from an early age, sets people up for a life of great food choices. Australia is the No4 country in the world in regards to the growing obesity statistics and we believe that a bit of education and an abundance of real food is what our children need to thrive and be healthy.

See our recipes

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