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Online resources

Early Childhood Australia
This site is helpful for learning about important updates on the early childhood space

This site helps families understanding the National Framework for early learning

NSW Government Parenting Tips
This site provides a few helpful ideas for todays parent

The Resourcing Parents website is full of tools and resources for building stronger families and communities. The Triple P Program is a great place to visit on this site as it is not telling parents how to be a parent; it’s giving us the tools to be better at it.

Raising Children Australian is an incredible online resource to support all kinds of parenting questions. If you have any questions about parenting, you will find answers here.

The NSW Health website is a great resources if you are looking for factsheets and information on health issues, hospitals and specialists.

ParentLine NSW is a great resource if you need some counselling or just someone to listen and reflect with. Parenting is a very hard job and just having someone to chat with can make an amazing difference. Give them a call today 1300 130 052.

NABO is for new parents! The exhausting, exciting and ultimately joyous first foray into parenthood isn’t a lonely one. Countless playgroups, programs and meet-ups are available throughout the northern beaches, making it super easy for locals to find new friends and have a whole lot of fun. Check out this website for all your community connections

Kore Well-being is a great site to learn more about paediatric nutrition and naturopathy which addresses the child and the family holistically. Kate is all Thinkers.inq nutritionalist, so being a part of community already makes her a wonderful resource for all of us.

Kids OT provides specialised Paediatric Occupational Therapy and intervention for children, their families and teachers. Our Paediatric Occupational Therapists focus on developing a wide range of skills, which are fundamental in facilitating academic learning and enable children to carry out their life roles to their maximum potential.

The Family Referral Service (FRS) brings together families, support services, and community resources so that our children and young people are safe and well. They work with all services to find out what best supports young people and families and their children, and what they can do to improve community resources. If you are a young person or a family with children, or an extended family member, the FRS will listen to your needs and refer you to the right service.

Families NSW has a range of different parent support groups or services that may be able to help you and your family. For a comprehensive list of parenting support services check out the website. It is very easy to navigate to find what you are looking for.

Early Childhood Australia has developed a variety of resources for parents, you can find them here. They continue to add additional content regularly to this area of their web site so it is a good one to bookmark just in case you are looking for some information to support the learning and growth of your child.

Capability Avenue is an amazing space bringing possibilities to life in the areas of speech pathology, psychology, occupational therapy, early intervention, behavioural support and physical health and well being.

Parenting Ideas is the home of Dr Michael Grose, he is a leading child psychologist. He has so many  great parenting tips to support all sorts of growing people on his website. Take a really good look at this site if you are concerned about your child’s behaviour.

Of course the final course of action we can suggest is to call us on 1300 697 737. We are here to listen, help and support in whatever way can.


Is my Child Ready For School?

How Do I Choose the Right Preschool?


Reflections Magazine, Gowrie NSW – 2014, Relationships Always Leave A Mark by Rod Soper

Belonging Early Years Journal – 2013, The Educational Leader: the provocateur, the critical thinker and the vision caster by Rod Soper

ECA, Every Child Magazine – 2018, Playing with Gratitude Project: A personal and professional transformation by Rod Soper

The Great Gratitude Surprise – 2018, Children’s Picture Book by Rod Soper

ECA Learning Hub – 2018, The Planning Cycle and The Playing with Gratitude Project Webinars featuring Rod Soper

Australian Institute of Management – 2017, How to Apply the Principles of Play to the Workplace by Rod Soper


Alex Stuart is a Whole Food expert and shares some super delicious recipes here on her website for your family. They are cost effective and family friendly.

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