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Crunchy oat biscuits

Updated: Mar 20, 2020

Crunchy oat biscuits are super delicious, give them a try.

1 cup wholemeal spelt flour (or 1 cup GF plain flour or my fave mix which is 1/4 nut meal

1/4 coconut flour 1/2 tapioca flour GF sub mix)

1 cup organic rolled oats you can get GF oats. Some people tolerate them, others not so much.

1 cup rapidura sugar

1/2 cup shredded or desiccated coconut

140 g butter

2 tbsp rice malt syrup

1 tbsp water

1/2 tsp bicarb soda

Preheat the oven to 180 C / 350 F, non fan forcedLine 2 baking trays with parchment paper.In a saucepan on low heat, place the rice malt syrup, water and butter.In a bowl place the flour, sugar, oats and coconut.Once the butter has melted and is bubbling with the syrup, add your bi carb and stir through thoroughly.Tip saucepan contents into bowl and mix through.Shape mixture into walnut- sized balls and pop, well spaced, onto the baking tray.📷Bake for 8-15 minutes, or until golden brown – it will vary quite a bit depending on fan forced ovens or not or gas… Just have a little look at 8mins and go from there.Take out of the oven and cool completely before eating. If you can. My hubby and son couldn’t! These biscuits get harder as they cool and will keep in an air tight container for 4 days.

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